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Applicant's Status Enquiry [SMS]

Applicant's Status Enquiry Via Mobile

How to:

Checking using reference number:-
1.    JPBDSEL RUJ [Reference No.]
2.    Example: JPBDSEL RUJ PTKS 6B/1/2010
3.    Send to 15888.

Checking using Files Number:-

1.    JPBDSEL FILE [please refer your File Number]
2.    Example: JPBD.SEL./09/04/00273
3.    Please key-in your only 'red color number'.
4.    Example: JPBDSEL FILE 09/04/00273
5.    Send to 15888.


•    Please make sure you use only 'Reference Number' and 'File Number' to request your applicant's status via SMS.
•    Every transaction will be charge RM0.20

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