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Department's Function

Department's Function

i. Act as main advisor for State Government on all planning matters, including land care and land use;
ii. Act as advisor to the Local Authority about town and rural plan, including land usage and development;
iii. Implement and coordinating standardization of Town And Rural Planning Act 1976 (Act 172) in all local planner authorities in Selangor state;
iv. Coordinating preparation of Development Plans, consisting of State Structure Plan, Local Plan, Special Area Plan and other studies or special project that been requested or department's own initiative;
v. Act as secretariat for State Planner Committee, formed under Town And Rural Act 1976 (Act 172);
vi. Act as Local Planner Authority for rural area Local Council according to need under Section 5(2), Act 172;
vii. Implementing the methodology, standardization and guideline of planning, for all local planner authorities in Selangor state;
viii. Carry out functions of Appeal Board as Section 36;
ix. Give consultation to other departments about town and rural planning;
x. Carry Out other responsibilities as requested by state authority from time to time.

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