SSP (State Structure Plan)

Notice to all that the Structure Plan 2035 is a planning document that contains the Map Suggestions and the Written Recommendations supported by the diagram. It outlines comprehensive planning policies as the basis for planning decisions in the State of Selangor until 2035. You can purchase at PLANMalaysia @ Selangor (Selangor State Town and Country Planning Department) at a price of RM150 or [click here] or download via android app or IOS for free. All sale and purchase transaction please refer to level 16, Darul Ehsan Building;

1) En. Muhammad Faeiruz Bin Rusman (03-5511-6666 ext: 5467)

2) Pn. Dezubaida bt. Salbani (03-5511-6666 ext: 5470)

*** How to download through android app and iOS is search-type -SELANGOR 2035-

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